Millers of quality feeds for agriculture, game and equine

W & H Marriage & Sons manufactures compound animal feeds and coarse mixes for a wide variety of species. It is a family-owned company based in Chelmsford, Essex. Marriage’s fleet of vehicles delivers bulk and bagged products across East Anglia and south-east England. Please explore this site for more information on our commercial feeds. Click here to see our retail range for smallholdings and pets.

Marriage's Feeds

Commercial feeds for chicken, turkey, duck, goose and quail

Marriage's Feeds

A complete range for pheasant and partridge

Marriage's Feeds

Sow and grower diets for traditional breeds of pig

Marriage's Feeds

Compound horse feeds and NOPS-assured coarse mixes

Marriage's Feeds

Retail range for smallholding, pet bird and small animal

Marriage's feeds


A high standard of specialist commercial feeds

Over the last 45 years, we have developed a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of specialist poultry farms. Added to this are feeding solutions for family farms with seasonal poultry, game birds, pigs, sheep and cattle. With further capability to manufacture a wide range of equine, small animal and wild bird foods, we enjoy trading with a huge range of customers.

Chelmer Mills is assured for organic and non-GM feed milling. Feeds can be medicated and heat-treated. We offer various pellet sizes, s well as crumbs and mash. Deliveries can be made in bags or bulk but not tote bags. We are audited and accredited by AIC’s UFAS and FEMAS schemes, Organic Food Federation, BETA NOPS, Conservation Grade and various others, including supermarkets.

Marriage’s feeds will be fit for purpose and customers can work closely with our nutritionist. We start with quality raw materials: local wheat, beans and peas, English fishmeal and hipro soya. We are surrounded by some of the country’s best arable land and our intake requirements are stricter than most mills. Product security is the absolute priority throughout the process, from intake, through production and into logistics.

Personal service from a family-run company

W & H Marriage & Sons began trading in 1824, milling the wheat on the family farm. Six generations later, we offer a wide range of flour, commercial animal feed and retail pet food. From our Quaker roots, we have always traded on quality and with integrity. This means that whatever the situation, a satisfied customer is at the centre of our approach to business.