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Feed mill

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Feed mill

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Feed mill

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Raw materials

Trusted suppliers of raw materials are key to the quality and security of our feeds. We use sustainable English fishmeal, hipro soya from established suppliers and cereals and pulses from local farms and merchants. Chelmer Mills has an intake laboratory accredited by Campden BRI. We produce our own wheatfeed and do not use any bakery waste.

Quality assurance

All Marriage’s compound feeds are accredited by UFAS. Please click here for a full list of quality assurance schemes to which we subscribe. These cover raw materials, production processes and delivery. Coarse mixes are made under the BETA NOPS assurance scheme. This addresses the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in horse feeds.

Feed mill facilities

Chelmer Mill is set up for heat treatment, critical for breeder feeds, and we will include medication as required. We can use organic and non-GM raw materials, as well as conventional Any Origin (GM) soya. The plant manufactures crumbs, mash and pellets. We can deliver in bulk blown or tipped, or in plastic or paper sacks.

We have a retail range of compounds, coarse mixes and straights in various pack sizes, from 25kg sacks to 5kg ‘form-fill-and-seal’. Retail products are distributed locally by our vehicles and nationwide using hauliers.

We operate a flour mill on the site, providing FEMAS-approved wheatfeed directly to our feed mill. Sister-company Marriage’s Specialist Foods runs a UFAS-accredited feed mill at Driby Top in Lincolnshire, primarily for wild and indoor birds.

Personal customer service

Quality products and a personal service have always been at the centre of the company’s approach to business.¬†Farmers rely on their feed miller to manufacture feed that is fit for purpose and deliver it in a convenient manner. We take this responsibility very seriously. The staff maintains a range of academic and practical experience, in the mill, in the office and on the road. Everyone is encouraged to have the customer’s best interests at heart.

We will work with you openly¬†before and after sales to develop the right product. Customers are welcome to visit the mill for a guided tour and equally we like to know how things work on your farm. Marriage’s trading relationships tend to be long ones, based around trust, consistency and quality. The success of our most established customers is the perfect testament to the genuine value this brings.

Experienced transport fleet

Marriage’s team of drivers is known for providing a friendly and flexible service. We run articulated and rigid vehicles, delivering bagged and bulk feed throughout East Anglia, the Home Counties and the South of England. From a rigid curtain-sided vehicle, we can deploy a truck-mounted, all-terrain forklift with a telescopic boom. Smaller bagged loads will be hand-balled and bulk feed can be blown or tipped from four tonnes upwards.