Horse and Pony Feeds

Quality horse and pony feeds direct to your yard

We stock everyday cubes and straights in our warehouse, available as whole or mixed one-tonne pallets. Many other rations are made to order, including cubes and NOPS-assured coarse mixes. Livery stables and riding schools find our delivery service convenient and cost-effective. We unload by hand or provide a vehicle-mounted forklift for larger bagged orders. Cubes can be delivered bulk blown or tipped.

Cool Cubes is a non-heating ration for horses and ponies in light to medium work. It is suitable for good-doers, like native breeds. One particular feature of the formulation is linseed, which provides slow-release energy and helps give a shiny coat. Includes high quality vitamin and mineral package.

Horse and Pony Cubes has slightly more digestible energy than Cool Cubes but is also non-heating. It has extra antioxidants, Vitamin E and BHT to aid muscle recovery and development. There is added oil for stamina and cereals for when the work increases. A relatively high fibre level to help gut health.

Bran and wheatfeed/middlings from our flour mill
Cooked flaked barley, maize or peas
Linseed meal or lozenges
Whole or rolled barley
Whole or rolled oats

Made to order
We have established formulations of cubes and coarse mixes which can be made to order. You could also design with our nutritionist a feed specific to your requirements. Please contact us for more information. Orders must be at least one tonne for pelleted feeds and half a tonne for mixes. Our coarse mixes are NOPS-assured.

Own Label
We manufacture own-label feeds for retailers. Please contact us if you are interested and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Horse feeds


Horse feeds

A cool mix

Horse feeds

A high fibre mix

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