Organic Feeds

OFF-assured organic feeds for poultry and pigs

W & H Marriage & Sons is an experienced miller of organic flour and organic feeds for poultry and pigs. We have now been buying and handling organic ingredients for three generations. The company has been involved with the organic movement and its various bodies from their beginnings.

Marriage’s organic feeds are approved by the Organic Food Federation and are suitable for any organic farm, whichever body it is registered with. We choose our suppliers carefully from across the UK, Europe and the world. Strict intake and milling processes guard against cross-contamination with non-organic materials.

We offer stock formulations for chickens, turkeys and pigs at various stages. These are available in bulk or 20kg paper bags. If you are looking for a bespoke ration, please contact us to discuss your requirements with a sales advisor.

Organic feeds


Organic feeds

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