Pig Feeds

Assured pig feeds for free range breeding and finishing

The Marriage’s range is aimed at independent producers of quality free range pork. From warehouse stock, we offer non-GM and organic pig feeds formulated for traditional breeds. The Chelmer range is made to order, using conventional soya and a commercial formulation.

The locally-sourced ingredients are valued by consumers and a key part of the traceability behind these farms. With the farmer we will develop a strong personal relationship through sales advisors, office and drivers. We can offer vehicles and orders of various sizes: bulk, bagged and mixed pallets.

Quality assurance is extremely important to all modern producers. Our operations team is experienced in manufacturing and delivering feed that meets strict audits, so you can be sure of product security.

In our mill we manufacture pig feeds in 3mm pellets (Grower 1), 6mm cubes (Grower 2 and Sow), 16mm rolls or meal (Sow). We do not make creep diets. The company is also a flour miller, so we can supply excellent wheatfeed (middlings) from the same site.

For more on how Marriage’s feeds offer performance, value and peace of mind, please go to our Quality Assurance and Customer Service pages.

Pig feeds

Sow Meal

Pig feeds

6mm Cubes

Pig feeds

Sow Rolls

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