Poultry Feeds

A range of options to meet the requirements on your farm

Chelmer Mills has the production facilities to offer a complete range of poultry feeds. This includes various ration forms, sizes and formulations. Crumb, mash and pellets are made to suit the species and life stage. A detailed anti-cross-contamination matrix is applied across the mill and the transport fleet. This enables us to work with conventional, non-GM and organic raw materials. We can also produce heat-treated and medicated rations, as well as sensitive rations for breeding and finishing. Please follow the links below to each poultry species.

Poultry feeds


Poultry feeds


Poultry feeds

Duck & Goose

Poultry feeds


Poultry feeds for the leading specialist producers

We can offer options in addition to the standard feed mill. There is the option of heat treatment as kill step for salmonella in breeder feed. This is required by many larger and high-end customers, like Marks & Spencer. We can include fat-coated whole grains in finishing rations. This adds a quality finish to traditional turkeys in particular.

The site is VMD Cat 3, a manufacturer of medicated feedingstuffs at any concentration. Our nutritionist takes care of your prescription for you, working easily and efficiently with your chosen vet. We have a number of AMTRA SQPs on site, qualified to give advice and prescribe non-veterinary medicines (POM-VPS and NFA-VPS), for example wormers.

A detailed knowledge of quality assurance and technical compliance

There is ever-growing pressure on the poultry industry to be biologically secure. At the same time, we must be highly efficient and innovative. Our company aims to exceed these ever-changing requirements as a standard. In this way, we can offer genuine reliability of service and value for money. As detailed on our Quality Assurance page, we have a great experience of meeting the demands of the toughest auditors.

We have been providing bulk and bagged feeds to the organic poultry sector for many years now. Despite the restrictions on how organic feeds can be formulated, ours have a reputation for efficacy. We only use the best quality raw materials and will not cut corners when formulating and quoting. The mill is certified by the Organic Food Federation (Org 4).

We want our feeds to provide value through results, not just cost per tonne. It is harder to measure bird performance than to look at the price of the feed, but ultimately it is a much more reliable and rewarding way to do business.

Poultry feeds


Poultry feeds


Poultry feeds


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