Chicken Feeds

Advanced chicken feeds for layer, broiler and breeder

We are experienced suppliers of chicken feeds to farms of all sizes. Stock formulations are convenient for smaller or seasonal producers, and we can offer bespoke rations to larger companies. Whether indoor or free range, layers or broilers, breeder pellets or starter crumbs, we would be keen to discuss your feeding programme. The exact requirements of your birds, your farm and your market can all be considered to decide the nutritional formulation of the feed, the physical form and the method of delivery.

Chelmer Mills has production technology not found in all UK feed mills. We offer heat-treated breeder rations and a range of excellent starter crumbs and pellets, containing fishmeal, hipro soya and quality-assured ingredients. The mill operates a strict production matrix, allowing for conventional, non-GM and organic raw materials to be used. We are experienced in medication inclusion and take feed safety very seriously.

For more information on how Marriage’s feeds offer you the very best performance, value for money and peace of mind, please go to our Quality Assurance and Customer Service pages.

Chicken feeds


Chicken feeds


Chicken feeds


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