Quail Feeds

Starter and layer diets for commercial quail

For quail, we appreciate the importance of excellent physical form and the right nutrition for these unique birds. Our superfine starter crumb is very high in protein and sieved to ensure optimum intake, welfare and growth. Once the young birds have established a strong frame, we offer a 2mm micro pellet to encourage the very best from adult laying birds. We require a minimum order of one tonne for these products.

Quail production is a niche sector of the UK poultry market but we recognize the importance of specifically formulated rations with the appropriate physical form. In addition to this, Chelmer Mills operates a strict production matrix, allowing for conventional, non-GM and organic raw materials to be used. We are experienced in medication inclusion and take feed safety very seriously. Delivery can be made to small or large farms on a selection of bulk and curtain-sided vehicles.

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Quail feeds

Superfine Quail Starter Crumbs

Quail feeds

Quail Layers Micro Pellets

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