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Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association Quality turkey feeds for all types of production

Marriage’s turkey feeds are available for every market: from Christmas hens to commercial breeders to catering stags. We offer conventional, non-GM and organic feeds, all meeting the criteria set by the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. We are also happy to design and manufacture bespoke rations. These will be made with careful consideration of your specific requirements.

Chelmer Mills has production technology not found in all UK feed mills. We manufacture heat-treated breeder rations and a range of excellent starter crumbs and pellets, containing fishmeal, hipro soya and other quality-assured ingredients. The mill operates a strict production matrix, allowing for conventional, non-GM and organic raw materials to be used. Feed safety is a priority too, with regular testing of ingredients, finished feeds and vehicles. We are experienced in medication inclusion and will work quickly in conjunction with your vet when necessary.

Our mill allows us to add fat-coated whole oats to our turkey finisher pellets. First of all, the specification of the pellets is adjusted to account for the added oats. These whole oats offer an excellent, creamy and natural finish to traditional turkeys. It is the perfect combination of modern compound feeding and the age-old quality of finishing on oats. One benefit seems to be the action of whole grains on the gut of the bird. Added of course to this is the nutritional qualities of the oats, not least through the oil contained within good quality whole oats.

The company is associated with the Anglian Turkey Association and the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. We make an effort to support the work of their members and all other producers of quality turkeys throughout the country.

For more information on how Marriage’s feeds offer you the very best performance, value for money and peace of mind, please go to our Quality Assurance and Customer Service pages.

Turkey feeds

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Turkey feeds

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Turkey feeds

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