Small Animal Feeds

Experienced supplier of small animal feeds

We understand the requirements behind the supply of commercial small animal feeds. The team has a wide experience in feeding rabbits and rodents of all types. Customers have found that a specifically formulated compound feed gives obvious improvements in performance for a surprisingly reasonable price. Our nutritionist can offer feeding advice relating to health issues and we will liaise with your vet regarding any necessary medication inclusion.

We make bespoke rations for larger companies, which can be delivered in bags or bulk. The mill warehouse holds a stock bagged range for breeders and retailers. We can manufacture various sizes of pellet from 2mm to 16mm, as well as crumbs, meal and coarse mix. Relevant breeds of small animal include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.

Insect and pet bird foods

Our own flour mill provides flour, wheatfeed/middlings and bran. As a miller of hard wheats for bread flours, these products are of the highest quality. They are ideal food or bedding for crickets, locusts and mite. Subsidiary company Marriage’s Specialist Foods manufactures food for breeders of pet birds and racing pigeons. The production site is located at Driby Top in Lincolnshire and managed by a team highly experienced in pet bird foods. Please click here to see these and all our retail ranges.

Small animal feeds

3mm Pellets

16mm Rolls

Small animal feeds

Coarse Mix

Small animal feeds


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